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This message was updated Wednesday, October 21, 2021.

Reminder for License Exempt Providers: To maintain your eligibility into 2022, remember to complete your Ongoing Health and Safety Refresher 2021 Training by December 20, 2021. Additional information about training requirements can be found in the handbook at

The temporary rate increase for FY 2021 has ended with pay period 120 (9/12/2021 - 9/25/2021).

For answers to questions about the Child Development and Care program, including topics such as enrollment, billing, and important updates, please visit our website at

Due to system maintenance, providers will be unable to view PDFs (EX: Statement of Payments) on Sunday, 10/31/2021 from 5:00am to 1:00pm. Providers will still be able to submit billing during this time.

Important Notice: Please see the CDC Website for important upcoming changes (effective January 1, 2022) to the License Exempt Level 2 training requirements.

We have received several questions from providers asking how they might access supplemental payment information. We wanted to make the instructions available to help you easily find this information in I-Billing. Below are step-by-step instructions how you can locate supplemental payment information in I-Billing.

1) Log in to I-Billing using your provider ID and PIN.

2) Select a pay period that you would like to view.

3) Click the View Payments by Period tab.

4) By reviewing the information for the pay period you selected, you will see payment information including any supplemental payment for each child.

i) Looking at the payment (warrant) date, will help to determine which payment for that pay period you are looking at and the payment amount per each child.

5) To view a different pay period, restart at step 2 and review each pay period individually.

Child Care Call Center Hours:
Beginning Monday August 16, 2021 we will have new hours for our child care call center. Our hours will be from 9:00 - 12:00 and from 1:30 - 4:00 Monday through Friday.

Reminder Regarding PIN Requests: When requesting PINs via email, please allow 24 hours to have your PIN sent to the email address you have entered in I-Billing. If you are requesting a PIN to be sent by mail, please allow appropriate time for mail delivery as postal service in some areas may be experiencing delays due to the impact of COVID-19. Keep in mind that each time a new PIN is requested, the previous PIN immediately becomes unusable.

Please review this message area for future updates. For questions, please contact Child Development and Care (CDC) at 1-866-990-3227.