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This message was updated Wednesday, February 19, 2020.

Only enter an amount in the Child Care Fees box if you intend to bill for registration type fees. Entering regular care billing in the Child Care Fees box could later require corrections.

For your convenience, the CDC 2020 Payment Schedule is available online. In addition to giving you the estimated check/EFT dates, you can use the Payment Schedule to help you keep track of pay period dates, pay period numbers and billing deadline dates. To view the 2020 Payment Schedule, click here: CDC 2020 Payment Schedule.

Have you visited At this website, you can find training opportunities and all kinds of community resources and supports in your area.

Based on your feedback, we've added more resources to help guide you through the billing and payment process! These brief instructional videos are free and online so that they are available whenever you need them. Topics covered in the videos include Time and Attendance Records, How to bill with I-Billing, absence hours, back-billing, and many others. For more information about the instructional videos, please visit the CDC Website, Providers section. The videos are located under Provider Resources.

Please review this message area for future updates. For questions, please contact Child Development and Care (CDC) at 1-866-990-3227.